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A Certified Spanish Translator is a translator with the power to perform legal translations
at a fair price. Upon receiving a document written in a language different from
Portuguese or upon sending a national document to a country with another language, a
translation is more than needed to enable understanding of the text. This translation
also needs to be true to the original document, and that is why Sworn Translators exist.
(space)Only they can give public faith over the content of what was translated as
original. There are many languages these translators master.

Have you ever wondered how to become a certified translator? The Certified Spanish Translator is a translator approved by a public tender in the Spanish language (also known as Castilian). Do you know the difference between Castilian and Spanish? Well, there is no difference between Castilian and Spanish.


How much does it cost to hire a Certified Spanish Translator?

The service of sworn Spanish translation is charged according to the quantity and type of document. Regarding the quantity, it is known as lauda and is equivalent to a series of one thousand characters. Regarding the type of document, a specific document is the one with technical terminology. Example of simple certified translation: birth certificate, ID, and others. Version is when a document is written in Portuguese and needs to be versioned o another language. The translation is when the original document is written in another language and must be translated to Portuguese. That is why we always need to analyze the texts in order to apply the right criteria to establish price and deadline. Besides being responsible for translating the content with intergity, the certified Spanish translator also performs the diagramming of the document. Furthermore, the translation is printed in the Translator’s letterhead and is also signed and stamped. Contact us to know the price for your Spanish translation.

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