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Certified Translation

pIn Brazil, the certified translation is performed by a sworn or certified translator. This type of translation is also known as a public translation, and whoever does it is known as a public translator.

In Brazil, public bureaus and several types of institutions officially accept certified translations only. Only this type of translation is valid as a legal document or official document. The commercial interpreter (profession’s real name) or public translator is appointed and registered with the commercial board of the state in which one resides after being approved by public tender. They are registered in one or more languages besides Portuguese. Count on us and our service of online certified translators.

Certified Translation

Any document written in a foreign language will only be valid in Brazil if presented along with the respective sworn translation. Espanglish Translations offers this service according to the prices practiced by each certified translator, which are established by the Table of Fees for Public Translators and Commercial Interpreters of the Commercial Board from each state. To know the official values of many types of translation in Brazil, check the SINTRA website with the translator’s union updated chart.

Espanglish Translations offers public translation services in the following cities:

List of documents:

Ela deve ser realizada quando se faz necessário apresentar documentos oficiais brasileiros em outro país ou quando se utiliza no Brasil uma documentação emitida no exterior.

O motivo disso é simples: somente assim é possível garantir a total compreensão do conteúdo. Essa modalidade de tradução é feita, por exemplo, em autos de processos judiciais, testamentos, certidões, contratos, diplomas, solicitação de cidadania europeia, entre outros.

Ela deve ser feita a partir do documento original, sendo que o tradutor será o responsável por transcrever fielmente o que consta ali, incluindo carimbos, selos, símbolos e qualquer outro elemento presente que possa contribuir para o entendimento geral.

Confira abaixo a listagem de documentos que podem ser traduzidos nesta modalidade:

Relação de documentos:

  • Certified translation of Social Contracts and Company’s Statutes
  • Certified translation of Contracts in General
  • Certified translation of Commercial Balances and Audit Reports
  • Certified translation of Company Registration
  • Certified translation of Free Export Certificates
  • Certified translation of Medicinal or Related Products Certificate
  • Certified translation of ISO Certificates
  • Certified translation of Balances and Trial Balances
  • Certified translation of Income Tax Declarations
  • Certified translation of Criminal History
  • Certified translation of Birth Certificate
  • Certified translation of Death Certificate
  • Certified translation of Marriage Certificate, Divorce Registration
  • Certified translation of Baptism Certificate
  • Certified translation of Contracts
  • Certified translation of Vaccination Card
  • Certified translation of Driver’s License
  • Certified translation of School Documents (School Records)
  • Certified translation of School Reports
  • Certified translation of Identification Document (ID)
  • Certified translation of Military ID/Military Discharge
  • Certified translation of Work Card
  • Certified translation of Income Statement / Income Tax
  • Certified translation of Pay Slips
  • Certified translation of CPF
  • Certified translation of Medical Exams or Certificates
  • Certified translation of Certificates of Completion, Diplomas
  • Certified translation of School Records in English and other languages
  • Certified translation of Bank Statements
  • Certified translation of Divorce Certificate
  • Certified translation of Public Scriptures
  • Certified translation of Deed Property Records
  • Certified translation of Wills
  • Certified translation of Rogatory Letters
  • Certified translation of Contracts in General
  • Certified translation of Payment Orders
  • Certified translation of Police Reports
  • Certified translation of the Brazilian Law Board License (OAB)
  • Certified translation of the Brazilian Law Board Certificate
  • Certified translation of Emancipation Certificate
  • Certified translation of Stable Union Certificate
  • Certified translation of Consulate Certificate
  • Certified translation of Proof of Address
  • Certified translation of Declarations
  • Certified translation of Regional Council Documents
  • Certified translation of Social Security Documents
  • Certified translation of Passports
  • Certified translation of Voter Registration

When it is necessary, sworn translators can go along with the clients to the notary’s
office. That is an invaluable service to our public.
Need to transfer inheritance money from abroad? For this procedure and many
others, the certified translation is crucial.
We are able to give advice to our clients regarding certification of signature,
legalizations, authentications, and other legal requests, because Espanglish
Translations has solid experience in administrative processes related to sworn
A certified translation is not cheap, but we have reasonable prices, quality, and
fast service, for all of this, count on Espanglish Translations.

    • Do you know what a legally or publicly notarizing translation is?

      The Certified Translation (also called sworn translation) is different from a free or simple translation. It works to represent your document in another language, being recognized by many organizations, institutes, universities

      or schools, companies, consulates, and other entities, because it is official.

      Only the sworn translation can fit those criterias. We can compare the characteristics of a sworn translation to

      services offered by notary offices: they have public faith (authentication made by a notary, who validates the truth to one’s acts), so they offer, for example, the confirmation of legal

      competence of authentication and certification of signatures.

      The same thing works for a certified translation: it is a translation with public faith, therefore, is legal at an international level. The sworn translator in Sao Paulo and in other cities from Brazil is the one trained to perform sworn


      The Commercial Board of each state names the certified English translator via public tender (or other languages), therefore being appointed as a translator/interpreter. These are some of the information the Sworn Translator needs to translate besides the text of each document: signatures, rubrics, and stamps.

      In a Certified or Public Translation, all data requires

      translation. The Public or Sworn Translations follow official standards: they are made on the certified translator’s letterhead and are stamped and signed by the sworn translator.

    • Under two circumstances:

      Brazilian documents requested abroad for those who travel to work, study, or live there.

      Foreign citizens’ documents who come to work, study, or live in Brazil.

      In both situations a sworn translation and other processes may be requested:

      In general, a sworn translation must be attached to each Brazilian document to be requested abroad. Eventually, other procedures are also requested during the register, such as signature authentication, Hague Apostille, or Consulate Legalization.

    • Many factors are considered to calculate the sworn translation service price: the type of text (it may be a common text or specific documents from Sciences, Legal, Engineering, Business, Industry or other areas), the quantity of laudas or words, the language to be translated and the delivery time.

      By taking above factors into account, we can say that:

      1) Specific documents are harder to translate and that is why they have a higher price table when compared to translating common texts.

      2) The delivery time is taken into consideration when executing a translation service because there may be the urgency factor. The normal delivery time is when the sworn translator would deliver certain documents according to a regular work schedule. Urgent Delivery Time is when the public translator needs more time out of business hours, to be able to complete the translation within the established term with the client.

      3) The Sworn translation in Brazil is accounted by laudas. Lauda is a text unit that many believe to be equivalent to a page. However, pages are different than laudas since a page may contain more or less than a lauda. Lauda is a unit of one thousand characters. It is worth to mention that the number of characters may vary, as each State’s Commercial Board determines the quantity of text its lauda may contain.

      4) The translated language impacts the quote since the lauda is counted according to the final certified translation, and not according to the original document. Therefore, there are languages with a higher or lower quantity of text.

      The value of the laudas is determined by each State’s Commercial Board price table. Each Board issues a table of fees to perform the sworn translation service. The same works for the sworn interpretation, which is another service a sworn translator may offer.

      Certified Translator and Espanglish Translations

      Espanglish Translations is an agency operating in the market for decades and, with the best sworn translators, experts in several areas and languages, we provide the utmost

      quality service. We guarantee a fair price, fast delivery time and effective customer service.

      Espanglish is the only translation company present from the North to the South of Brazil.

    • The Commercial Interpreter or the Sworn Public Translator, duly approved by the State’s Commercial Board, is the one who performs the sworn translation of a certain document, whether it is from Portuguese to a foreign language or vice versa. Every sworn translator who works for Espanglish Translations has solid experience in the translation process. They master English grammar to perform an excellent translation. The sworn translation conforms to a formatting procedure, also displaying a stamp, signature, and the sworn translator’s own stamp. To be authenticated, it must contain the translator’s enrollment number, so it attests the translator is a member of the Commercial Board. Hence, it is not possible to falsify a sworn translation.

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