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O que é um Serviço de Tradução Juramentada em Italiano?

Let’s clear up your doubts about the price of a Certified Chinese/Mandarin Translation? What is it? We will talk about price, where to find it and more about this service.

We all know about the power of the Chinese economy, and thus the necessity of the service of Sworn Chinese/Mandarin Translation. Many companies need a Chinese Translator, as well as foreign exchange students. Due to company acquisitions in the energy sector in Brazil, there has been a need for documents to be translated to chinese.

It has increased the need for the service of translation agencies. You will find more

information about this service offered by our company below.


What is a Certified Chinese Translation?

If you would like to know more about Certified Chinese Translation, you are in the right
place! An official translation is necessary, so your document is valid in another country, in
this case, in Mandarin. In China, for a document to be valid, it needs to have a Certified
Mandarin Translation, therefore, a Certified Mandarin Translation is the process of
translation of companies’ contracts, ID, driver’s licenses, all types of fiscal documents,
school reports, diplomas, marriage license, birth certificate, passports, in short, either
Brazilian documents translated to Mandarin or documents written in Mandarin
translated to Portuguese.

Which means the Brazilian documents will be certified translated to be sent to China, no matter if the destination is Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Nanhai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, or Wuhan. Another example: imagine a Brazilian goes to high school in China and gets their diploma. When this person returns to Brazil and decides to enroll in engineering school, their diploma will only be valid if it is translated from Chinese to Portuguese.
Send your documents to Espanglish Translations so we can help you with the
translation. Contact us by WhatsApp.

Do you need a Certified Mandarin/Chinese Translation?

Certified Translation? Simple Translation?

Certified Chinese Translator: Where to find one? Mandarin is the language spoken, besides China, in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and in all countries where there are Chinese immigrants, such as: United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Peru and Philippines.

Why do I need a translation in Chinese? The Chinese translator is responsible for all document translation from Portuguese to Chinese and from Chinese to Portuguese.

Brazilian citizens usually ask this question: where can I find a certified Mandarin translator? Not everybody who speaks Chinese is licensed to make a certified translation. Only sworn Chinese translators registered to the Commercial Board where they reside are allowed to translate official documents. The profession of sworn translator is recognized after the person passes an oral and written test.

With the registration and enrollment number that qualifies the person to work as a translator in that state, they can do the job. Espanglish Translations offers the service of a certified translator with years of professional experience to perform the translation of your documents. Ask for a quote!

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