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What is a Sworn French Translation Service?

What is a Certified French Translation? It is the translation of one or more official Brazilian documents to the French language. At the same time, it is about original documents in French that need to be translated to Portuguese. The sworn translation is needed when an official document is required at an international level in circumstances like work, school, driving, university, marriage, birth, and others. France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Congo, Argelia, Tunisia, Morocco, Haiti, Cameroon, and others request that pertinent documents are certified translated to be valid in their respective countries. The one responsible for the certified French translation is a Certified Translator who will translate the documents: Portuguese – French and French – Portuguese, so they will be valid both in Brazil and other possible countries. This professional is certified as a Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter by a Commercial Board in Brazil. The translator may be native or non-native.


The price for a sworn French translation is quoted according to the volume of the text, as well as the type of content: specific or simple. The quantity of laudas of the document is also considered. Contact us to know the price of the translation per lauda.

How much does a Certified French Translation cost?

The price for a Certified French Translation may vary according to the quantity of laudas of the document and type of text, that may be simple or specific.The volume of the document is calculated by lauda, that is measured by one thousand characters without space.
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