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What is the Certified English Translation Service?

A Certified English Translation is the translation performed by a Certified Translator. When is the translation of official documents to English needed? When a Brazilian document needs legal value in a country of an English language, such as the United States, England and all of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and others. If you need an emergency visa you will need our services, because the American consulate requests the emergency visa.

So, to be able to use documents issued by countries that speak English in Brazil, the sworn translation is needed. It is possible that besides the services of sworn translation, other services are requested, such as document consularization and apostille.


There is a probability that the certified translated documents need to be legalized before being presented in another country. If the country of destination is a member of the Hague Convention, it will be necessary to apostille the certificate or document.

The apostille is a way of legalizing the document to be presented in another country.

Do you know which documents are needed to apply for the American visa? Whenever you need a translation of school records to English, you can count on us. Or if you need an emergency visa to the US, contact us so we can do your translations!

How much does the Certified English Translation Service cost?

The price of each certified English translation will vary according to the volume of the document, type of text and deadline. As for the delivery time, it is of great value to our translation company to serve all clients with speed, quality, and good price. To receive a quotation, all it takes is to send us digitized copies or photos of the front and back of the documents. You can contact us through our contact page. If you need an emergency visa to the United States, you might need our services.

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