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What is a Sworn German Translation Service?

The Certified German Translation (or sworn German translation) is the official translation, accepted at an international level with legal value, and so, the professional who executes it, by excellence, is recognized to issue a Sworn German Translation.

For original documents written in German to be valid in Brazil, it needs to go through a sworn translation. On the other hand, when a Brazilian person has plans to live in Germany or other countries where the official language is German, like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, there is the same need. To have a Certified Translation in German, consult the price; it is performed by a Sworn Public Translator, which means the translations signed by this translator are public documents with international legal value.


Any document issued in Brazil which is destined to a country of German language must go through the process of sworn translation in German.

A document in Portuguese will not be valid. Likewise, documents issued in German need to be translated into Portuguese in order to be valid in Brazil. At Espanglish Translations

our company has a great team of certified German translators to assist you.

Price of a Certified Translation

The price of Sworn German Translation will depend on the volume of the text and type of document. We have simple and specific German documents. Lauda is the name of the measurement unit of the text, which is equivalent to one thousand characters.

Commercial Interpreter and Certified German Translator.

Ask for a Quote! Do you know the price per lauda of a translation? Whenever you need a sworn German translator, ask for a quote by WhatsApp. We are here for you!

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