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Arabic Translation

The Arabic language is spoken by more than 300 million people as a first language, being the official language in 22 countries (Example: Algeria, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates). It covers a vast, dynamic region, with an unlimited heterogeneity that extends from Morocco to Kuwait. The many variants of Arabic can be divided into five main regional groups, each with numerous dialects. Thus, when preparing an Arabic translation, it is essential to know which market it is targeting and choose a translation agency that works with translators who ensure that your documents are translated according to the language of the requesting country, adopting a linguistic style adapted to the objective of the your project.

Arabic Translation

We offer Translation Services such as:

  • Consecutive Interpretation,
  • Simultaneous Translation,
  • Technical Translation,
  • Sworn Translation or Certified Translation,
  • Scientific article translation from Portuguese to Arabic and from Arabic to Portuguese, and many other language pairs

Arabic text translation

Translations of all kinds of documents in the Arabic language by professional translators. Espanglish translation services are offered to companies that deserve a fast and efficient service, without losing the high-quality standard and the great cost-benefit that our company has for you and your company.

Arabic - Portuguese Translators

Translation is a serious matter at Espanglish; our Arabic language translators are carefully chosen – native and experienced Arabic translators, committed to you and your company. Our translators constantly participate in training and courses to better serve our clients.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation in Arabic

Count on your events with the services that Espanglish offers: Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation in Arabic from south to north of Brazil, in all types of events.

Technical translations Arabic - Portuguese

Our translation company works with technical documents from all areas in Arabic, in partnership with other Arabic translators. Espanglish translates Arabic documents, such as manuals, legal deeds, legislation, and medical and scientific articles.

Certified Arabic Translation

It is performed by a public translator and is necessary for official Arabic documents in public offices.

Arabic Website Translation

We provide website translation services in Arabic and deliver a translated website that will achieve your company’s objectives, through its understandable texts that talk about your institution and its products and / or services.

Arabic Subtitling

Espanglish Translations provides you and your company with Subtitling service that is the translation and overlapping of subtitles. Subtitling requires a refined work, treating every phrase and every meaning because, for example, a scene in Arabic, when translated into Portuguese, can be longer or shorter when pronounced, so it must be adapted according to its meaning, because synchrony is key in this kind of work.

Arabic Text Proofreading

Espanglish Translations offers translation services in several areas and also proofreading and corrections of Arabic texts (or texts in other languages), in order to cut costs while validating the contents of documents, thereby allowing companies with Arabic skilled professionals to optimize their investments to reduce delivery time

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