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What is the Sworn Italian Translation Service?

Sworn Italian Translation or Certified Italian Translation: is the process in which

documents originally written in Portuguese are translated into. It has international

validity. A Certified Italian Translator is the one who is able to write a certified Italian


Any document not written in Italian needs to be converted through this process to be

valid in Italy, especially to apply for the Italian Citizenship Certificate.


Any document issued in Brazil which is destined to a country where Italian is spoken

must go through the process of sworn translation in Italian, otherwise it will not be valid.

Likewise, documents issued in Italian need to be translated to Portuguese in order to be

valid in Brazil. At Espanglish Translations, our company has a great team of sworn Italian

translators to assist you.

How is a sworn Italian translation service performed?

A Sworn Italian Translation stays true to the original document to be valid in the process of Italian Citizenship. What does this mean? It means that the whole text of the original document is duly translated. Also, all signatures, stamps, letterheads, or anything not characterized as text in the document in Portuguese are mentioned. Espanglish is one of the best translation agencies in Sao Paulo.

How much does a service of sworn Italian translation cost?

To calculate the price of a Sworn Italian Translation it is necessary to know the quantity of text and type of document. There are two types of document: simple and specific. The value is calculated per lauda. What is a lauda? A lauda is a unit of measurement equivalent to one thousand characters. Save time by requesting your sworn Italian translation quote by WhatsApp. We will wait for you!

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