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Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation Company
What is Simultaneous Translation?

Before looking for a simultaneous translation company, it is important to fully
understand what this service is. Simultaneous Translation (also known as
Simultaneous Interpretation) is the action of orally translating a speech, as the name
suggests, at the same time the speaker says it, to the language of one or more
listeners. The goal is to give the opportunity to people who speak different languages,
to participate, without language barriers, in meetings, workshops, debates,
conventions, training, seminars, symposiums, etc.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation Options

This communication is only possible through expert interpreters, fluent in their work
languages and trained in the art of translation, interpretation, and communication.
We are a Simultaneous translation company and we offer this Service in Curitiba,
Joinville, Foz do Iguaçu, Florianopolis, Sao Paulo, Campinas, Porto Alegre, Cuiaba,
(consult the service of Sworn English translator in Rio de Janeiro), the countryside of
Parana and all of Brazil. Get Simultaneous Translation at a good price in English,
Spanish, French, Mandarin, Italian, German, Russian and other languages. Do you
know our Prices of Arabic translation? We are the best option!

Interpretation Modalities

A Quality simultaneous translation company Always delivers its services at the agreed
upon time, always prioritizing and presenting a result compatible to each type of
translation. We present some of the modalities below, check it out.

Simultaneous Translation

Inside a soundproof booth, the interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones in one language and, through microphones connected to the listeners receptors, transmits the speaker’s words in another language. It is the most used modality of interpretation in big events because it does not interfere with the duration of the event. It is also recommended for smaller meetings using the portable equipment.

Whispered Translation

Simultaneous interpretation for two people maximum, without the use of sound equipment for simultaneous translation.

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive interpreting or translation is when the interpreter listens to the source-language speaker and after part of the speech reproduces it in the target language for the audience. Normally, in consecutive translation during a speech the interpreter stands next to the caller.

Interpreter Coordinator

Simultaneous translation requires teamwork. The coordinator can make the transition easier by being the communicator between the organizer of the event and the interpreters. This person can provide aid in the coordination of the work program, helping the work flow better

Professional Confidentiality

We guarantee total confidentiality regarding information and documentation trusted to us. In case of necessity, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


We are adept to contracts for providing Services of simultaneous translation with
transparent conditions that obey international rules and practices.

Simultaneous Translation Rates

Simultaneous translation service is charged by the journey of six hours of work. Respecting the international convention, the service must be provided by two professionals if the job exceeds one hour long, for simultaneous translation, or two hours for consecutive translation. Consult the price for simultaneous translation service.

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