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The Polish language is a Western Slavic language, spoken by approximately 62 million people. It is also spoken in Lithuania (350,000 people), Belarus (1 million), Ukraine, Brazil (in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo), as well as in the United Kingdom, France, United States and in other countries. Polish is the most widely spoken Slavic language besides Russian.

We are a company of interpretation services, simultaneous translation, technical, legal, and commercial translations from Portuguese – Polish and Polish – Portuguese, in addition to other language pairs

Polish Translation

Document Translation to Polish

We offer translations of all types of documents in Polish. Our translation services are aimed at companies that need a fast and efficient service, ensuring the highest quality standards and a more than competitive price

Polish - Portuguese translators

Polish translators from Espanglish Translations are translators with varied skills, committed to details and quality. Our native speaking Polish translators feel love for their work and commit to the benefits of the clients above all.

Simultaneous Translation in Polish / Consecutive Translation in Polish

Native Polish-speaking interpreters will guarantee the success of your event. Espanglish offers simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in Polish anywhere in Brazil, at conventions, seminars, and technical visits.

Polish – Portuguese Written Translation

Translation services of technical, legal, and financial documents in Polish, as well as manuals, legal texts, contracts, reports, and scientific documents.

Certified Polish Translation

Official translation, performed by a public translator, required throughout Brazil for official documents in government offices.

Polish Website Translation

Customized services for translating websites into Polish; a Polish website that optimizes your company’s business, increases the sale of your products or services.

Polish Subtitling

Subtitling in multiple languages. This service consists of translation by overlapping subtitles

Polish Text Proofreading

Espanglish Translations also provides a document proofreading service in the Polish language. We work with trained professionals in the Polish language, to foment investment optimization in your company, and to allow reduced delivery and publishing times.

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