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Japanese Translation

Japanese is the language spoken in Japan and elsewhere in the world where communities of Japanese immigrants and descendants live. The largest community outside Japan is in Brazil.
The Japanese name for the language is Nihongo. The Japanese language has been heavily influenced by the Chinese language for a period of more than 1,500 years. Much of its vocabulary was influenced by the Chinese language or based on Chinese models. Its grammar is similar to that of the Korean language.

Japanese Translation

Espanglish Translations is a translation company dedicated to these services:

  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Translation
  • Technical Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Commercial Translation from Portuguese – Japanese and Japanese – Portuguese, in addition to other languages

Document Translation to Japanese

We offer translations of documents in Japanese performed by competent and responsible professionals. Our company’s translation services are suitable for companies that need an urgent and efficient service, ensuring the highest quality standards without neglecting a competitive price, making the product highly cost-effective.

Japanese - Portuguese translators

Our Japanese translators have different skills and areas of specialization but are always committed to detail and quality. We only work with translators who enjoy their work and who have a genuine interest in their clients and excellent results.

Simultaneous Translation and other types of Interpreting in Japanese

Espanglish Translations offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in Japanese in all states of Brazil, which will guarantee the success of your event at conventions, seminars, technical visits, forums, and all types of conferences.

Technical Japanese – Portuguese Translation

We offer technical document translation services in Japanese, in collaboration with different Japanese translation agencies and translators. We translate scientific manuals, contracts, reports, and articles into Japanese.

Certified Japanese Translation

It is Brazil’s official translation, performed by a public translator, recognized throughout the national territory for official Japanese documents in public entities.

Japanese Website Translation

We serve your company by translating websites into the Japanese language. We guarantee a website that improves the image of your company, containing texts that are easily understandable in the presentation of your products.

Japanese Subtitling

Espanglish Translations offers your company Subtitling services in several languages.
Subtitling: to overlap subtitles. These service demands a detailed work in every phrase. Check this example: a scene in Japanese, translated into Portuguese, may be longer or shorter when pronounced, and that is why it must be adjusted according to its meaning and timing, to maintain synchrony

Japanese Text Proofreading

Espanglish Translations, in addition to all translation services attending the most diverse areas, provides a proofreading of Japanese texts service, as an reduced cost alternative to validate documents’ content and to allow companies with Japanese fluent professionals to reduce delivery and publishing time, thereby optimizing investments

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