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What is a Certified English Translation Service?

Certified Spanish Translation is needed when a certificate or declaration is related to

countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia or any other region of the world that

speaks Castilian. Official documents such as diplomas, identification documents (ID or CPF), or driver’s license, will only be valid in a country of a Hispanic language, if they go through the process of certified translation in Brazil at a translation agency.

The certified translation in Spanish is necessary for those who arrive in Brazil from Spain or any country from South America like Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela or Ecuador, etc., or to Brazilians who need to travel to one of those countries with intention to live, study or work there. We perform certified translations from Portuguese to Spanish and from Spanish to Portuguese, so it is valid both in Brazil and abroad.


How is the Service of Certified Spanish Translation performed?

A Certified Spanish Translator is responsible for the certified translation in Spanish. The sworn translation in Spanish is absolutely true to the original document, and therefore is valid for every type of certificate and occasion. The price for the translation service is calculated by word.

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