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O que é um Serviço de Tradução Juramentada em Italiano?

A Certified Translator is the professional approved by a tender and enrolled in a Commercial Board. The certified translators (also known as sworn translators) are qualified to perform the translations we know as certified translations. This translation has public faith and international validity, being valid in any country. For example, a certified translation in Rio de Janeiro is valid in the entire Brazilian territory. The enrollment number in the Commercial Board is the identification of a public certified translator; for example, a Certified English Translator in Curitiba is enrolled with JUCEPAR. The Sworn Translation in Brasilia will be performed by a translator enrolled with JUCIS. A certified English or other languages translation in Belo Horizonte will be valid when performed by a translator enrolled with JUCEMG, and so on for all translators from each state.


Each Commercial Board from each state offers a chart of enrolled sworn translators for consultation on its website. If you live in Bahia and search for sworn translation in Salvador or other cities, on the website of JUCEB you will find information about the sworn translators. The same works if you live in Rio Grande do Sul and searches the website of JUCISRS. There you can find the professional to perform a sworn translation in English or other languages in Porto Alegre or other cities. And if you are looking for a sworn translator in Manaus, you will find this information on the website of JUCEA.

There are no documents written in a language other than Portuguese that will be valid in Brazil unless it is attached to its respective sworn translation. And it works both ways, so for a document issued in Brazil to be valid in another country, it is necessary to have a sworn translation to the right language, be it a sworn English translation, sworn Spanish translation or other languages. There is the possibility that, besides the sworn translation, other procedures are needed, such as the apostille, which is a type of document legalization. For example, if you need a Sworn Translation in Sao Paulo, SP, there is the possibility you will need the Hague Apostille.

Do you know what a sworn translator is?

The sworn translator can translate into one or more languages, being able to make sworn translations in English/Portuguese or Portuguese/English, for example, or other languages. A sworn translator from Ceara can, for example, make a Korean translation both in Korean/Portuguese and Portuguese/Korean. The same works for someone who needs a Sworn Translation in Recife in English/Portuguese or Portuguese/English, or someone who needs a Sworn Translation in Campinas. They all are valid internationally and are executed by considering the same values and rules.

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