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Korean Translation

Korean is the official language of Korea, both North and South.
The Korean writing system is known as hangul (phonetic alphabet) and hanja (consisting of Sino-Korean characters).
The Korean alphabet is formed by syllabary words. A syllable can have a batchim or not, and it can have a maximum of four letters. Hangul is an alphabet from King Sejong dynasty (approximately 1216), who ordered the alphabet from university students, since at that time in Korea only hanja (Chinese characters) was used. Hangul, unlike Japanese characters (katakana and hiragana), consists of consonants and vowels, forming an actual alphabet.

Korean Translation

Espanglish Translations is dedicated to:

  • Translation focused on simultaneous and consecutive translation services
  • Technical Translations
  • Certified Translation
  • All types of Portuguese – Korean and Korean – Portuguese translation, in addition to other language pairs.

Document Translation into Korean

Korean translation of all types of documents, done by native and experienced translators. Our translation is aimed at companies that need an agile and quality service, while also ensuring an always competitive price.

Korean – Portuguese Translators

Our Korean language translators are carefully selected. We look for competent Korean translators in the most varied areas of specialization, always standing out for their attention to detail and quality. Our translators are proud of their profession and have a real interest in delivering a high-performance work.

Simultaneous Translation and other types of Korean Interpretation

Our native Korean interpreters will guarantee your event’s success. Espanglish Translations offers simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in Korean in Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Foz de Iguaçu, Joinville, Porto Alegre and in the largest cities in Brazil, at conventions, technical visits, and conferences of all kinds.

Korean - Portuguese Technical translations

Espanglish Translations offers great translation services for technical, legal, and financial documents in Korean. We translate Korean manuals, diplomas, legislation, school transcripts, scientific reports, and documents.

Certified Korean Translation

Translation required by public offices, performed by a public translator, it is legally accepted throughout the country as an official document.

Korean Website Translation

Korean website translation services. Espanglish translates your website into Korean, helping you to improve your business by making convincing and clear texts, presenting your organization and your products or services in an understandable manner.

Korean Subtitling

Subtitling Service in over 20 languages
Translation by overlapping subtitles.
Detailed attention to every phrase and meaning, to prioritize timing

Korean Text Proofreading

Espanglish Translations provides a polished service of proofreading in Korean at a reduced cost, to allow companies that have professionals trained in the Korean language in their structures, to improve their investments by shortening the delivery and publishing time

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