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German Translation

German is a majorly important language in Europe, spoken in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and as a second language in other countries. There are more native German speakers in the European continent than any other language: 27% of Europe’s citizens communicate in German as a first or second language.

German Translation

Espanglish is dedicated to these services:

  • Consecutive Interpretation,
  • Simultaneous Translation,
  • Written Translations,
  • Certified and Scientific translations from Portuguese to German and from German to Portuguese, as well as other language pairs.

Document translation to German

Our documents translated into German are made by experienced and committed translators. The focus of our translation company is on companies that need an agile and effective service, guaranteeing the highest quality standards, always at an attractive price.

German – Portuguese Translators

Translation is a human procedure. Thus, our professional German-speaking translators are carefully selected – German translators with diverse capacities and areas of expertise, always committed to detail and quality. Our translators are proud of their work and have an authentic interest in their clients.

Simultaneous Translation and other types of Interpretation in German

Have German-speaking interpreters at your event who will guarantee your event’s success. Espanglish Translations offers Simultaneous and Consecutive German Translation services throughout Brazil, in conventions, forums, commercial and industrial visits and all types of conferences.

Technical translations German - Portuguese

We work with all types of translation services (technical, financial documents, etc.) in German, collaborating with other translation companies in São Paulo and other cities, and German translators. We are already used to translating German documents (technical manuals, legal texts, contracts, legislation, reports, medical and scientific documents).

Certified German Translation

Also called Sworn Translation, it is the official translation, carried out by a public translator, required nationwide for official German documents in public entities. Customers come to us because, due to the rules for German citizenship, they must carry out some translations and present them at the consulate.

Website Translation to German

We perform website translation into German. We guarantee a German translated website that perfects your company’s business, presenting quality texts that persuade and positively showcase your company and products or services.

German Subtitling

Espanglish is a translation company that provides Subtitling Service in several languages.
The Subtitling Service is the translation by overlapping subtitles.
The Subtitling Service needs meticulous dedication to every scene and meaning, for example: A scene in German, translated to Portuguese can be longer or shorter when pronounced, so it needs to be adjusted according to its meaning and, above all else, its timing, so it won’t lose synchrony.

German Text Proofreading

Our company, besides providing translation services for several areas, also offers text proofreading in German and other languages, as well as Portuguese translated texts. It works as a reduced cost alternative to validate document contents and allow companies that have German skilled professionals to optimize investments, by reducing delivery and publishing time. Consult us to know the price for the German translation: Espanglish, always with the best proposal for your pocket and your comfort.

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